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Saint Lucina


Lucina is named for the Roman goddess of childbirth, who brought forth children in a bust of light. Creation of any sort brings a burst of joy, of light (energetic), and of creativity. In today’s world the joy of creativity is shrouded. We hear and see a world that is rapidly falling into decline. Why do people feel that dystopia is a foregone conclusion? At Lucina Press we do not agree.

Part of our mission is to explore themes of Neotopia, a new way of looking at the world which encourages individual participation to create a better, more compassionate, and self-responsible future.

The press specializes in speculative science fiction and non-fiction exploring neotopian themes. The first title available is “Landscape of Darkness: A Novelette of the Space Patrol” by Sara Light-Waller. More information about the book is available under the Catalog tab. You can also find free stories under the same tab.

More works are forthcoming.


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