Good-bye 2018!

The countdown to 2019 has begun. Can you believe it? I’m busily finishing up preparations for the ANCHOR book launch on 1/9/19. EBooks of LANDSCAPE OF DARKNESS and ANCHOR are ready and will be available for pre-sale. There are eBook discount coupons inside the “Rocketeer” newsletter coming to subscribers on January 1.

2019 will be a fantastical year, I can already tell. I’ve got more books in the works — including a new Sam Mercury adventure and a novelette that takes place during the Threshold War. More eBooks and deluxe editions including signed art prints. Podcasts and vidcasts, hopefully. Columns written for PulpFest and The Pulpster magazine. Plus, new hats, dresses, and other vintage attire!

Please join me in 2019 for grand, new adventures. The political climate is frosty but there’s always room to snuggle up with a fun space adventure and forget your cares.

Good-bye 2018, we’ll miss you. And hello 2019…you’re sure to be a blast!

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