The Shadow and The Five Chameleons

The Shadow Rozen and SLW

Today’s challenge, create a George Rozen SHADOW magazine cover reproduction. And here it is, side-by-side with the original cover art. I love these old 1930’s SHADOW covers, the images are so iconic, the colors so bright, and let’s not forget about all those anatomically correct hands! Simply fabulous! This cover is from the November 1, 1932 number featuring “The Five Chameleons.” My reproduction is painted in gouache and watercolor in a Stillman and Birn Delta series sketchbook. The original was probably done in oils.



Artwork by Sara Light-Waller. Copyright, 2020. All Rights reserved.

I really enjoy doing pulp reproductions, it’s a great way to understand how the original art was created. Of course, my copies are unauthorized works and not for sale. However, I enjoy having them in my home and sometimes giving them as gifts.

I learn a lot from each painting, not just about the technique of the original artist, but also about the illustrative art of the period. To be a top-notch illustrator, especially in genre art, you need to understand the medium thoroughly. I also feel this way about my genre writing. My goal is to create something very unique and special, a window into the past, complete with all the artistic bells and whistles. I must be doing something right, this year I won the Cosmos Award for my genre pulp story, “Battle at Neptune.”

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