“The Jovian Jest” by Lilith Lorraine

The Jovian Jest_Lorraine

Last night, I stumbled upon a podcast highlighting readings of pulp science fiction stories by female authors. Curious, I listened to the first one and was horrified by the poor quality of the reading. I knew the story and although it isn’t my favorite of the author’s works, it certainly deserved better treatment than that. I thought I could perhaps do a bit better and took out my microphone. I made a few stumbles along the way but I think my reading is really okay. This morning I added an introduction and conclusion and posted it to both YouTube and BitChute.

For some time I’ve considered doing a podcast about some of the virtually forgotten pulp authors that I have discovered. Their stories have much to offer modern readers as an alternative to the all-pervasive dystopian fiction we have today. I’ve never been much for review shows or columns, but maybe it’s time to consider it. I hate to think of solid authors like Lilith Lorraine being virtually forgotten but for a few obscure podcasts. And as for the stories that aren’t in the public domain, what of that? I can still discuss them. I already have a list of stories that I’d like to talk about, all of them timely in some way to our modern world. Have a listen to my reading of “The Jovian Jest” and let me know what you think in the comments section.

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