PulpFest Profiles: David & Daniel Ritter & First Fandom Experience

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If you follow me at all, you know about my fascination with early science fiction. Perhaps I was born into the wrong era or maybe it’s something in my astrological chart. Who knows? Either way, I find the early stories very compelling (well, not all of them, of course, but many) and feel that some of their themes can be successfully used to reinvigorate the contemporary trend of dystopian science fiction.

When I first met David and Daniel Ritter at PulpFest 2019, I was surprised and delighted. Their First Fandom Experience project was right up my alley. I spoke with them at length during the convention and decided to send in an entry for their Cosmos Contest. I’m so glad I did, not only for the privilege of winning the contest, but also for the intense deep dive into science fiction of the 1930’s, a journey which is still on-going.

It’s my privilege today to inaugurate a new column at the PulpFest blog—PulpFest Profiles. This monthly column will focus on contemporary creators who draw inspiration from the old pulps. Part 1 of my interview with the Ritters opens this exciting new series. Part 2 will be exclusive to the Lucina Press blog and posted here in just a few short weeks. Here’s the link to Part 1 of my interview with the Ritters of the First Fandom Experience project. Please enjoy!

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