I just tiptoed onto Locus’ 2020 Recommended Reading List

Locus 2020 graphic

No, it wasn’t one of my books. Not yet, anyway! Instead, I have an illustration in a book that has made the 2020 Locus Recommended Reading List! The book is The Visual History of Science Fiction Fandom, Volume One: The 1930s and my illustration is “The Science Fiction Special.” First Fandom Experience Project got two books onto this prestigious list in 2020, the second being The Earliest Bradbury which is another peach of a book.

Congratulations to the First Fandom Experience project for this wonderful (and well-deserved) accomplishment! Here is the Press Release about the Locus list from the FFE website.

Curious about the First Fandom Experience project…? I can help you out there. I recently wrote a two-part profile about them. Read Part 1. Read Part 2.

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