New Article — “Galloway Gallegher — Kuttner’s Sauced Scientist”

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It was my birthday at the beginning of the month and along with the festivities came a molasses-like slow-down in my blogging plans. Thus this post is a couple of week’s late. How about we all just pretend that it isn’t late at all? Sound good? Okay, then let’s get to it. My newest article for Black Gate involves a popular Henry Kuttner character — Galloway Gallegher. Gallegher’s shtick/curse is that he’s a genius inventor only when stinking drunk. His attempts to detangle the activities of his sozzled alter-ego are meat for some very funny and well-written tales. There are five Gallegher stories, all published in ASTOUNDING in the 1940’s. Very few science fiction writers can pen good humor but Kuttner had a knack for it. He wrote quite a few funny stories including the Gallegher, Hogben, and Pete Manx series. I’ll probably write about these others in the future, all of them are excellent entertainment!

You can read my article, “Galloway Gallegher — Kuttner’s Sauced Scientist” here. 

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