New Article — “Allen Steele — Captain Future and Beyond”

Allen Steele interview meme

One of the best parts of being a journalist is that you get to talk to interesting people. Allen Steele and I have a few things in common. We’re about the same age, have a long history writing for, or about, science fiction, and we both have a thing for Edmond Hamilton’s character, Captain Future. (And yes, I know, other people wrote Cap. Future besides Hamilton, but his stories were the best…no one wrote Curt Newton and the Futuremen like he did.)

Contemporary author, Allen Steele, has written several new Captain Future books. In this interview I find out more about them, and his other award-winning works. Here’s how the article begins…

“I’ll admit it, I’m a Captain Future fangirl. When I first heard about Allen Steele’s new Captain Future novel, Avengers of the Moon, I was instantly curious. Who was this fellow writing about my fave “Wizard of Science?” I just had to find out….” READ MORE at

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