New Article – “The Harp and The Blade: A Bard’s Adventures in Old France”

Harp and Blade meme

I’ve a new article in the online magazine, Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature. Ironically, the book I’m reviewing is not a fantasy story, even though it was marketed as one for several decades. In fact, it’s an adventure story, originally serialized in Argosy magazine in 1940. The review is meaty, more in depth than I usually go. This time I felt it was well worth my time to dig deeply as it’s an interesting tale and highly enjoyable. You can still find The Harp and the Blade in print and in digital copies so if my review inspires you, you may enjoy reading it. I certainly did! And remember, the book not a fantasy and you won’t find Conan the Barbarian in it despite the promises of recent book covers!


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