The Rocketeer Returns

The Rocketeer Returns on Substack

Well, space explorers I’ll bet you thought ‘ol Captain Light was lost to the solar tides of some other sun, didn’t you? Not so! I’m not saying that our space fleet didn’t have some outrageous circumstances and near misses…of course we did! But we’ve zoomed back to Earth at last. And now it’s 2023. Who’d ever thought we’d get here? Why it’s the future or I’m a devil of Jupiter!

The Rocketeer newsletter is going to have a new format now, something much more high tech—online posts on Substack. Very easy to stay with or quit as you like. Regular posts will go out on Wednesdays and cover a variety of topics under the umbrella of the history of the pulps and Golden Age science fiction including conceptual topics such as: time travel, crystalline life, mass consciousness, artificial intelligence, and eugenics. We’ll take a look at some unsung stories by my favorite classic pulp authors. And, of course, I’ll also share the latest information about my books, fiction and non-fiction titles. I’ve been writing some whoppers while I’ve been away so I hope you’ll stay with me for at least a little while to see what it’s all about. And keep your secret code charts handy as I’ll be sending out coded messages periodically to you space explorers!

It’s good to be back! We have a lot to talk about. The world has changed a great deal in the past few years. The future will be quite different now. And even though the past seems of little consequence to the troubled world of today, it absolutely informs the present. You’ll see.

This is the Rocketeer signing off for now.

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