What Mad Universe: Reality as a Multiple Choice Question

Reality as a Multiple Choice Question, read it over on Substack.

Okay Space Explorers, today I want you to put on your special quartz reflecting ray goggles and join me for a journey into infinity! 

What Mad Universe (1948) is a delightful science fantasy story written by Fredric Brown. Keith Winton gets caught in a blast created by an experimental moon rocket crashing back to Earth. The electrical nature of the explosion shoves Winton through the walls of our universe and into another reality—where pulp science fiction stories are real! This is one of my favorite pulp stories. Well, why not? It’s perfect wish fulfilment…sort of. Trust Fredric Brown to put a new spin on it. One that, as a metaphysical sort of gal, I can really appreciate. It’s all about the intent and focus, kids. And if you haven’t read the book yet, let my post get you started.

You can read it over on Substack.

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