Is Anyone Incorruptible?

The Face of Parody/Is Anyone Incorruptible?

Fritz Lang’s visuals for Metropolis (1927) fascinate me. The story is pure socialist creed, but the imagery remains powerful even after nearly 100 years. I remember seeing the re-mastered version with Queen’s soundtrack during college. And I’ve seen the anime remake as well as enjoying Queen’s 1984 video– “Radio Ga-Ga” –immensely. (An interesting year for that video to appear on the scene, in my opinion.) Michael Wm Kaluta created outstanding images for a remake book of Metropolis some time ago. It was his drawings that inspired the title of my new drawing. He referred to the Maria robot as “Parody.” I have no idea if the robot was actually called that but the name has stuck with me. Considering the theme of my novelette, Incorruptible, there is a tie-in to that robot. (If you haven’t read my story yet, shame on you! It’s out as an eBook.) So this new piece is called “The Face of Parody” and as much refers to my story as it does to Metropolis. Hope you enjoy seeing it and reading my accompanying essay as well. Cheers, dahlings!

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