Two items of interest today

I just finished a pulpy commission for a fellow writer of science fiction, Sarah Anderson. She wanted an alternate cover for her new book, as well as something she could use for postcards. I was happy to oblige and here is the result. I have to admit that it’s fun to paint people with dramatic expressions. Screaming and running from a creepy monster…what’s more pulpy than that? You can find out more about Sarah’s new book here.

Next, on this week’s ROCKETEER I talk about how I conceptualized my award-winning story, “Battle at Neptune.” I’m not one to rest on any laurels but since I’m planning on writing some new stories based on a pulp character in the public domain, I thought I’d start with something about my process. I love researching old stories and trying to create new works with the look and feel of originals. Why mess with a good formula? People still love the pulps, after all. Many people avidly collect them and others create new works which riff (often lightly) on old pulp classics. But I seek for more, creating something you think belongs to those old, nearly-forgotten days. And I’ve had pulp fans comment that they sometimes forget they’re not reading a new pulp story. Artists are funny people, we all have our visions and this is mine.

Read, “How I Won the Cosmos Prize: Rewriting the End of COSMOS” .

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