Virgil Finlay and the Art of Scratchboard

Virgil Finlay meme

Before I get to the ROCKETEER’s post-of-the-week I wanted to say something about writing and money. I have been a non-fiction journalist since 1985. I have been paid for my work more often than not. I do not charge for the ROCKETEER, nor will I. Although it takes quite a bit of time and effort to write every post that doesn’t mean they have monetary value. We seem to have this thing nowadays were we feel we’re owed payment for our efforts–always. I’m not sure that’s true. My favorite writing gigs have always been for groups and organizations that had no spare change. But the experience enriched me and that was payment enough. I still feel that way.

That said, I will not write for mean people, nor callous ones. But I will write for the love of a subject when I want to. I love the pulps and the stories they told. Many artists produced excellent work for the magazines and I love those, too.

Which brings me to this week’s post: “Virgil Finlay and the Art of Scratchboard“. In it I talk about Virgil Finlay’s scratchboard technique, scratchboard in general, and my own art process. Hope you enjoy it!

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