Lybblas in the Spotlight: “The World is Mine”

Lybblas 2 meme

In my second post about pulp-era aliens we take a gander at one of Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore’s Gallegher tales, “The World is Mine.” The five Gallegher stories are about a brilliant inventor who’s only brilliant when he’s drunk as a skunk. He invents “by ear,” solely from the subconscious. In this story he invents a time machine and shuttles in some Martians. These Lybblas are very cute and not at all as we usually think about Martians, then or now. The lexicon of aliens was much greater back in the pulp-era and you can find all sorts. But even within this context these little guys are different. They’re so very cute!

Check out the post here:

By the way, in case you’re not up on your Latin, Interdum puto nimium bibere means “Sometimes I think I drink too much” —a quote from Gallegher.

Cheers, dahlings!

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