Lab Rats No More: Basil Well’s “Rebirth of Man”

Rebirth of Man meme

What if—at humanity’s dawn we were experimented upon (GMO’d) by aliens. It’s was so long ago that there is no proof, only a deep-seated and lingering terror of alien experimentation. And what if we all had this scar, regardless of where we’re from or who we were born from?

I believe that we can all access a collective field of shared consciousness. Most people don’t do it very well, if at all. Some people can tap into this field consciously—psychics, mystics, shamans, etc.. Also, creatives who often receive their ideas from out of the “ethers.”

I think Basil Well was picking up on this idea of being genetically modified in his story, “Rebirth of Man” (1940). In it, he explores what it might be like to be a human lab rat for aliens. And he doesn’t pull any punches.

Read Lab Rats No More: “Rebirth of Man” in this week’s ROCKETEER.

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