Artists of The Spider!

Artists of The Spider

Pulpfest has asked me to make a few videos highlighting various pulp artists. My first one, “Artists of The Spider” is now up on YouTube. In this case, we’re talking about four pulp artists: John Newton Howitt (1885-1958), Rafael DeSoto (1904-1992),  Walter Baumhofer (1904-1987) and John Fleming Gould (1906-1996). You can watch the video here.

Here are some of The Spider covers highlighted in the video:

The Spider issue 1, w/ Baumhofer
The Spider, Issue 1, October 1933, cover art by Walter Baumhofer

The Spider, November 1933, cover art by John Newton Howitt

The Spider, November 1941, cover art by Rafael DeSoto

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2 Thoughts to “Artists of The Spider!”

  1. Carole L Williams

    Loved your Spider film!

    1. lucina

      Thank you, Carole!! *hugs*

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