Ode To A Bedsheet: What’s a Pulp Magazine?

Ode to a Bedsheet meme

Last weekend was my birthday and I was working hard to finish the first draft of the second version of my new “Moon Man” novelette. Funny thing, I mentioned this to someone yesterday at a meeting and they assumed I was finishing READING a novelette. “No,” I clarified. “Not reading, writing.” It made me laugh, she doesn’t know me very well. Anyway, the second attempt is much better. I liked the first plot and may still use it for another story, but it wasn’t hitting the correct marks for a 17-18K novelette. The original “Moon Man” stories written by Frederick C. Davis during the 1930’s were all about 17K and I’m trying to stick with the length. Draft 1 is slightly over 18K so I’m right on track. There’s a lot of tweaking to be done in the next drafts, ratcheting up the melodrama and such, but it’ll get there, and with new illustrations, too!

In this week’s ROCKETEER I’m getting back to basics somewhat, talking about the sizes of pulp magazines and a little about the content in a generalized way. I am so familiar with those old magazines that I sometimes forget that other people aren’t. lol

Read Ode To A Bedsheet: What’s a Pulp Magazine? here.

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