Inktober and Guy Gifford

I always enjoy #inktober. Pen & ink is one of my favorite illustration techniques and probably the one I use most often. I always find it fun to do a few extra drawings in October for #inktober. Here are the two drawings I’ve done so far in 2023. As you can see, my 1930’s theme remains. Each of these drawing uses a different approach. The girl has quite a bit of stippling but the hoodlum has none, using instead parallel ink marks with some cross-hatching. I’m getting used to my new inking brushes, they’re fantastic for hair.

#Intober 2023 drawings

Speaking of pen & ink, this week’s ROCKETEER is a small portfolio of Guy Gifford’s science fiction-themed cartoons from the 1940’s. I first discovered Gifford’s work while researching PLANET STORIES for a presentation & article. He ran a delightful series called, “The Ringer Family” in that magazine and was a contributor to the letters column—The Vizigraph. I was so intrigued that I looked into him further and discovered that he also had cartoons in AMAZING STORIES and FANTASTIC ADVENTURES during the same period. Considering the heaviness of world events at the moment, I thought it a good idea to lighten the mood this week. You can read my post on Guy Gifford’s work on Substack.

As a special treat, here’s an extra cartoon that didn’t make the cut for the ROCKETEER.

Guy Gifford levitation

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