#Inktober 2023 Wrap-up

Inktober wrap up meme

I am so late posting about this!! Why it’s already the 3rd, shame on me! In this week’s ROCKETEER I show off the complete collection of my #Inktober 2023 drawings. They take the shape of illustrations from a pulp detective story. In my post, I even suggest a story to go with them. I am enjoying the contemplation of 1930’s detective stories very much. The art style tends to be almost generic, but it still has a certain something. I’m adding my own spin to it, of course. I tend to lean towards 1940’s pulp interior art, to be honest, but either way, these types of drawings are made for a pen & ink artist like me! You can see the article and the pictures on Substack.

Next week I’ve got a real treat planned, an article about an obscure 1930’s detective series by Frederick C. Davis that I just adore!

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