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Rocketeer podcast #2 meme

The Rocketeer Podcast #2 is now live. Honestly, I don’t know how I am as a podcaster but I’m giving it a try. Certainly it’s easier to write articles (at least for me.) That said, I like speaking on the radio and have done so many times. My mother was a radio personality and I’ve been in and out of radio stations since I was 4. I know I have a good voice for radio like my Mom did, so I’ve set myself a goal of continuing the podcasts through the end of 2023.

This week’s radio-article investigates at two pulp-era stories on the topic of reverse colonization from Mars to Earth. I’ve chosen stories from two authors I quite like: H. Beam Piper and Bryce Walton. The Walton story is a particular favorite. If you’d like to listen you can hear it here.

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