Podcast #6: Super Scientist Heroes

Super-Science Heroes meme

Happy 2024! The Rocketeer’s podcast #6–“Super-Science Heroes”–is out today!

I’m in some sort of shock that I have continued on with the podcasts. I really had just intended to do one or two of them but then, BAM! suddenly, it’s a weekly thing. Very strange but as long as people like it, I’ll continue. I like to do them anyway.

In today’s podcast I’m returning to the topic of archetypes in story. Archetypes create an immediate sense of familiarity. One of my favorite archetypes is the Super-Scientist. But our familiar archetypes are being shifted out of the range of comfort into new realms that are more politically motivated. How? You’ll see…

It occurs to me that talking about archetypes in literature might be a good path to continue with, not only is it an interesting topic but it can help people resolves some issues they may be having with their stories.

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