March 2024 updates from Lucina Press

Thrilling Western pen and ink varient

I’ve been posting a lot about the Rocketeer lately and thought it’d be nice to do a more general update.

To begin with, I’ve been writing some “future histories.” My illustrated short story, Anchor, is just the beginning of that tale. There are two other stories, both novellas (or “novels” in old pulp magazine-speak), which recount the continuing adventures of the Time Keepers. The first one will be the other side of Anchor–what happens to Lucy’s partner, Mytah, after he’s been kidnapped. I quite like that story, it’s a real space opera adventure. The second of the two is the origin story of the Time Keepers and is very “timey whimey,” to quote Doctor Who. It takes place simultaneously about a millennia before Anchor, but also about fifty years later. So, it’s complicated to write but it’s also quite fun, especially as I need to weave the three stories together with clues. I don’t have publication dates on either yet but they’re coming (and with pictures.) I plan to re-release Anchor in a package with Mytah’s story (title not yet disclosed) to give a better sense to both of them.

"Anchor's" charactersAnd speaking of clues…my Moon Man novelette is ready for its second draft edit pass. That story will probably come out before the other two I mentioned above as it’s far less complex in structure.

On the drawing board I’ve been playing around with oil pastels lately and considering their use for book cover art. As I write this I’m looking across the room at the new book design cover I have planned for Anchor’s re-release. It’s a good one, I like it loads better than the story’s original cover. I might be able to do it in oil pastels. I could certainly create it in chalk pastels—if I wanted to wheeze for a month afterwards. So I may just paint it, that might work out better.

Archery girl and Perlino Horse combos

[2 oil pastels by Sara Light-Waller. Copyright, Sara Light-Waller, 2024. All rights Reserved.]

For this week’s art practice I took a Thrilling Western cover October, 1946 (artist, unknown) and turned it into a pen & ink drawing. Mainly because my skills were getting a bit rusty with that medium. I like the results, I think it turned out pretty well in the end.

Thrilling-Western-October-1946 and mine

[Thrilling Western October 1946 issue, artist unknown (left), pen and ink drawing by Sara Light-Waller, c. 2024 (right)]

And finally, I’m quite enjoying doing the podcast. I wasn’t sure I would but the old radio instincts from my mother (herself a long-time radio personality) took hold and there it is. I’m not sure who all is listening but that’s alright, it’s fun to do anyway. The Rocketeer comes out on Wednesdays, usually mid-afternoon. If you have a hankering to discuss the pulps, please join me.

Stay tuned for more, probably to do with vintage hats or flying saucers. tee-hee

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