Podcast #16: Superman and the Library of Congress

Superman meme

This week’s Rocketeer podcast is about two things that don’t really go together and I’m going to treat it as two distinct parts. Part One is what I’d planned to talk about last week, the original origin of Superman. Part Two is about Jazz Age romance novels, something I’m researching at the moment. You can listen to it here.

As an addendum I’d like to add an odd little post script. One of the romance novelists I mentioned in my podcast–“Vivian Grey”–was also the pseudonym of 19th century British statesman and Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881). I was having an interaction with someone on social media today who wanted me to believe that the romance writer, Grey, and the Disraeli “Grey” were the same person. I want to state for the record that the Prime Minister of Great Britain did not write the hot 1930’s love story I’m currently reading. They were certainly different people. I think you can understand why. End of post script.

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