Podcast # 18: A Room Too Small: The Great Illusion

This week’s Rocketeer podcast is about a story called, “The Great Illusion” which came out in 1938. Don’t be fooled y’all. This is not the story called, “The Great Illusion” (in part by Edmond Hamilton) which came out in 1936. No, no! In the podcast I explain what that is all about.

And here’s a bit I left out for the sake of space. Did you know that Edmond Hamilton is one of the two fathers of Space Opera? Yep. Hamilton and E. E. Doc Smith are the two wonderful writers which started this popular genre back in 1928 . Hamilton’s contribution was the “Intersteller Patrol” series. Smith brought forth the self-titled, “Skylark of Space” series that same year.

Edmond Hamilton was nicknamed both “world-wrecker” and “world-saver” and in his stories you see a lot of each. He was also one of the early writers of both “Batman” and “Superman” comics. So you can see that he was no slouch when it came to sci-fi and fantasy.

I love his work because no one described the grand tapestry of suns and stars better, except perhaps for Olaf Stapledon and his works were differently focused. There’s a story that as a kid Edmond Hamilton went outside and looked up at the night sky and envisioned, “vast blazing clouds of stars and a stunning and unthinkable splendors of suns…flung like the robe of God across infinity.” His was a wonderful vision of space which he imbued into all his books. He is, and probably will always be, my favorite science fiction author.

You can listen to this week’s podcast: “A Room Too Small: The Great Illusion” here.

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