Podcast #20: Christmas in May

Christmas in May meme

In this week’s podcast I’m talking about all the wonderful magazines I recently ordered from the Library of Congress through interlibrary loan. Honestly, interlibrary loan is a fantastic resource. And getting things from the Library of Congress is particularly fun. I mean, they’re supposed to have EVERYTHING! I know that they don’t, actually, but they do have incredible collections.

This time, I was after complete serials from Love Story Magazine from the late 1930’s and several single stories from The Blue Book Magazine in a range from 1930-1947. It took me several days of intense work but eventually I was able to glean all that I wanted from the ten reels of microfilm that they sent me. In Podcast #20 I’m talking in more detail of what I was looking for and what I collected. You can listen to the ROCKETEER on Substack.

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