Cleve Cartmill: The Devil’s In The Details

Orban for "Bit of Tapestry"

In this week’s podcast I begin by talking about pulp fantasy and how it differs from contemporary sci-fi/fantasy. After that, I review three pulp fantasy stories by Cleve Cartmill from the 1940’s: “Bit of Tapestry,” “Wheesht!” and “Hell Hath Fury”—all of which appeared in the pulp magazine, UNKNOWN. Cartmill was publishing science fiction and fantasy during the 1940’s and ’50’s mainly. Today, he seems to be something of a lost writer, which seems a pity as his stories were quite compelling. Looking at his bibliography I can see that he has a few stories in Thrilling Wonder Stories that I have not yet read. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight? lol

Listen to this week’s Rocketeer podcast here.

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