What Price Glory: Bryce Walton’s, “The Victor”

The Victor

I find Bryce Walton’s dystopians fascinating. His stated goal was to out-do Orwell and I think he certainly succeeded. The variety of his social nightmares is without compare. In this week’s Rockteer podcast I’m talking about the best of those social horrors: “The Victor” (1953). There are others in his catalog that come close but for me this story is the most chilling. Prepare to be existentially terrified. Listen here.

By the way, the artwork you see in the meme above is one of my paintings. The Victor was never a featured cover story and therefore never had any color artwork to show it off. I’ve created a faux cover image to go with my fave dystopian story. “The Victor.” 16” x 20” acrylics on paper. Copyright, Sara Light-Waller, 2024. All Rights Reserved.

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