Statement of Purpose

They called them Amazing Stories for a reason!

More than ninety years ago, Hugo Gernsback published the first American science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories. He referred to the content as scientifiction, adventure stories blended with scientific fact and prophetic vision. He claimed that “posterity will point to them [scientifiction stories], as having blazed a new trail, not only in literature and fiction, but progress as well.

He was right. Scientifiction stories, known today as science fiction or sci-fi, have inspired generations. They give people hope during troubled times and help them to see beyond themselves.  Lucina Press has the same lofty goal, to provide respite from the fishbowl of social media and the stress of news, politics, and financial woes.

Lucina Press books can’t be called pulps

The original pulp magazines were so called because of the paper they were printed on — cheap wood pulp pages with ragged, untrimmed edges. Lucina Press softcovers are printed on good quality paper making them more akin to the “glossies” or “slicks” from the pulp era.

Pulp fiction immediately brings to mind lurid, sensationalist subject matter. Although exploitative stories were available at that time, this was not all that was published in the pulps. Science fiction titles such as Asimov’s  FOUNDATION, “Doc” Smith’s LENSMEN, and Anne McCaffrey’s very first PERN story were all published in pulp magazines.

Lucina Press celebrates Gernback’s original vision for science fiction — grand adventures mixing science fact and prophetic vision. We celebrate the greatness of mankind and write stories that make imaginations soar. Our books are short so that they can be easily read in an afternoon, an evening, or on the bus during rush hour.

Quality illustrations in all Lucina Press books 

High-quality, well-edited and designed books are only part of what Lucina Press offers. Each of our books is illustrated in the style and hand-drawn manner of the original pulp magazines. We use genre-specific media such as pen & ink, coquille, and scratchboard for all interior artwork. Covers are created in either colored pencil or watermedia. All books include interior illustrations. Print editions also include chapter decorations and other embellishments. Electronic editions do not include all incidental decorations because of interface issues.

Each Lucina Press book is a work of art.

Uplifting Stories

Every day we look at the news and wonder how long it will be before dystopian nightmares come to pass. Lucina Press stories offer an alternative to end-of-the-world scenarios. We believe in uplifting people through the imagination. Helping them to remember that they are not mechanical drones but people with free will who can do wonderful and brave things. Our stories make you feel good after you close the back cover. Not because of stale happy endings but because humanity wins.

We publish independently by choice because we disagree with publishing trends highlighting dystopian fiction.

How to buy

Our website offers first chapter samples so you can try before you buy. You can also see reviews, allowing for that surety that comes with the praise of others. We offer easy and secure ways to purchase with direct links from our catalog page. For any questions, please contact us.

Thank you for supporting Lucina Press.

-Sara Light-Waller, publisher