“Tomorrow We Die!” Thrilling Detective Pulp Cover


When I saw this pulp cover from October 1938 (left), I was immediately struck by the beauty of the woman holding the smoking gun. I’m still researching the original cover artist but it was certainly one of the now-famous pulp illustrators. As per usual, the original was most likely painted in oils. I can tell because of the glazing of the skin. When I do a copy like this I work as though I’m painting in oils and not in watermedia. This approach has pluses and minuses. On the plus…

New Black Gate article and a surprise pick-up!

Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen_1984_cover by Michael Whelan_Ace Science Fiction Books

There’s no doubt that H. Beam Piper’s “Paratime” stories are some of my favorites. I like stories about time and multi-dimensional travel  and his are some of the best. My second article for the online magazine “Black Gate” is now live. You can read, “Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen: Piper’s Connecticut Yankee Tale” right here. As an added bit of excitement for the article’s release it was immediately picked up by a science fiction news aggregator — File 770, Mike Glyer’s News of SF Fandom and has a nice mention in…

Happy Birthday to Murray Leinster (and a new article)

Today is Murray Leinster’s birthday. He is, without a doubt, one of my very favorite science fiction writers. Leinster started publishing before 1920 and was was still publishing sci-fi teleplays and novels into the late 1960’s for TV shows such as “Time Tunnel.” (And since he pioneered (YES, pioneered!) the entire subgenre of multiple reality sci-fi stories, working on “Time Tunnel” is entirely appropriate.) My new article — “PulpFest Historical- 125 Years of Murray Leinster” is live now at the PulpFest blog so head over there and check it out!…

New article! PulpFest Profile: Seven Senses of John Wooley

Wooley interview notice

Your pulp authorette is at it again! In this month’s PulpFest Profile I interview John Wooley, co-author of THE CLEANSING trilogy. John’s written, co-written, or edited nearly fifty books, contributed articles to TULSA WORLD, TV GUIDE, and FANGORIA magazine and co-hosts the FORGOTTEN HORRORS podcast. If you like New Pulp, you really need to know about John Wooley. Read my “PulpFest Profile: Seven Senses of John Wooley,” at

Into the Quantum With H. Beam Piper

Paratime Stories 4-up

I’m delighted to announce that I have my first article up on the online magazine, “Black Gate.” It’s about H. Beam Piper’s stories of time  and multiple-reality travel. This subject is near and dear to my heart and my thinking seems to align pretty closely to Piper’s in many ways. One of the books I’m working on, a follow-up to ANCHOR, is right in this line. But more about that at another time. For today, let’s delve Into the Quantum with H. Beam Piper over at Black Gate!

Three George Rozen Shadow copies

The Rackets King 9bbb hard crop

Over the past year, I’ve dedicated a great deal of time to the improvement of my pulp art. George Rozen is one of the many pulp artists I’ve been studying. His “Shadow” covers from the 1930’s are truly wonderful–the art is punchy and the visual storytelling, top notch! To date, I’ve copied several Rozen “Shadow” covers. My most recent one is a copy of the June 15th 1938 issue featuring the novel, “The Rackets King.” This was my first attempt at copying one of the famous Shadow “hand” covers. It…

Book Review: Roy V. Hunt: A Retrospective

Ray Hunt book cover

Roy V. Hunt: A Retrospective, First Fandom Experience. (Price: $45 including shipping, 144 pages, full color) February 2021.   First Fandom Experience has just released a new book called, Roy V. Hunt: A Retrospective. This full-color volume introduces us to the life and works of pulp-illustrator Roy Hunt. You’ve probably have never heard of him. I hadn’t. As I flipped through the pages, I realized that he was more than a just a historical footnote. Hunt was something special in a sea of entirely interesting things. And he had been all…


Silverblade cover iss 1

Once, a very long time ago in the 1980’s, DC put out a comic “maxi” series called, “Silverblade”. It was written by Cary Bates and the art was done by Gene Colan. The hero was Jonathon Lord, an aging movie star. One day, bitter, washed-up Lord makes a wish that is answered by an uncanny entity in the shape of the Maltese Falcon. The entity gives Lord the ability to transform into any role he ever played on the silver screen, the most notable being the swashbuckler, Silverblade. Of course,…

I just tiptoed onto Locus’ 2020 Recommended Reading List

Locus 2020 graphic

No, it wasn’t one of my books. Not yet, anyway! Instead, I have an illustration in a book that has made the 2020 Locus Recommended Reading List! The book is The Visual History of Science Fiction Fandom, Volume One: The 1930s and my illustration is “The Science Fiction Special.” First Fandom Experience Project got two books onto this prestigious list in 2020, the second being The Earliest Bradbury which is another peach of a book. Congratulations to the First Fandom Experience project for this wonderful (and well-deserved) accomplishment! Here is…

Super-Science Kids: First Fandom Experience, part 2

Super Science Kids Header

Enter First Fandom Experience At PulpFest 2019, I discovered an extraordinary project called, First Fandom Experience. Father and son, David and Daniel Ritter, are dedicated pulp fans and collectors with a special interest in the early days of science fiction fandom. They, along with core team members—John L. Coker III, Sam McDonald, Doug Ellis and Kate Baxter—have created a database of materials which they make available through their website, books, and on social media. Part 1 of this interview, published on the PulpFest blog in September, was a general introduction…