Report from the Field — Nanocon Mk. V March 24, 2018

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Lucina Press (that’s me!) attended their first science fiction convention today to great results. But before we get to that, let’s recap. Landscape of Darkness: A Novelette of the Space Patrol has been in print since January 15th, 2018. Since then it has been featured on the Rodney’s Saga Blog and had a wonderful “coming out party” book singing at the Rectangle Gallery in Centralia. It’s scheduled for a reading  as part of the New Fictioneers program at PulpFest 2018 in July. It has received several Five Star Reviews on…

Guest Post on Rodney’s Saga

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Author, Sara Light-Waller, visits the Rodney’s Saga blog today talking about her new book – Landscape of Darkness. The first five people to comment on the post will win a free copy of the book. Hurry, hurry! Here’s an excerpt: “We need to remember that humanity can do its own saving.” Landscape of Darkness: Creating Stability in a Time of Chaos I called my hero, Sam, because I was tired of science fiction names that sounded like the author was either stoned or had numb lips. The surname Mercury seemed…

Lucina Press

Saint Lucina

PURPOSE OF THE PRESS Lucina is named for the Roman goddess of childbirth, who brought forth children in a bust of light. Creation of any sort brings a burst of joy, of light (energetic), and of creativity. In today’s world the joy of creativity is shrouded. We hear and see a world that is rapidly falling into decline. Why do people feel that dystopia is a foregone conclusion? At Lucina Press we do not agree. Part of our mission is to explore themes of Neotopia, a new way of looking…