Podcast #21: Doctor Fogg

Dr Fogg meme

in this week’s ROCKETEER podcast I’m reviewing, “Doctor Fogg” by Norman Matson. It’s an interesting example of very early science fiction. It’s also considered a satire. But is it? I doubt you’ll read too many reviews of this book as it’s pretty rare. So join me over on Substack to hear about an interesting piece of science fiction history from 1929.

Podcast #6: Super Scientist Heroes

Super-Science Heroes meme

Happy 2024! The Rocketeer’s podcast #6–“Super-Science Heroes”–is out today! I’m in some sort of shock that I have continued on with the podcasts. I really had just intended to do one or two of them but then, BAM! suddenly, it’s a weekly thing. Very strange but as long as people like it, I’ll continue. I like to do them anyway. In today’s podcast I’m returning to the topic of archetypes in story. Archetypes create an immediate sense of familiarity. One of my favorite archetypes is the Super-Scientist. But our familiar…

Podcasting is happening!

Rocketeer podcast #2 meme

The Rocketeer Podcast #2 is now live. Honestly, I don’t know how I am as a podcaster but I’m giving it a try. Certainly it’s easier to write articles (at least for me.) That said, I like speaking on the radio and have done so many times. My mother was a radio personality and I’ve been in and out of radio stations since I was 4. I know I have a good voice for radio like my Mom did, so I’ve set myself a goal of continuing the podcasts through…

The Rocketeer Podcast #1

Rocketeer Podcast #1 meme

It had to happen eventually. Folks have been asking me to do a podcast for ages and this week I finally acquiesced. I actually like doing radio and have been interviewed on the airwaves at least half a dozen times in the past. So this was a bit strange but fun all the same. I hope it goes over well! I’m planning a few more of these podcasts as the year closes out and if the feedback is good, I’ll continue. But, for today, please join me for the Rocketeer Podcast…

Artists of The Spider!

Artists of The Spider

Pulpfest has asked me to make a few videos highlighting various pulp artists. My first one, “Artists of The Spider” is now up on YouTube. In this case, we’re talking about four pulp artists: John Newton Howitt (1885-1958), Rafael DeSoto (1904-1992),  Walter Baumhofer (1904-1987) and John Fleming Gould (1906-1996). You can watch the video here. Here are some of The Spider covers highlighted in the video:

New PulpFest Profile: Cathy Wilbanks and the Burroughs Century

All Story 1912 featuring Tarzan

Are you a fan of Tarzan, John Carter, or any of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs? Then don’t miss my interview with Cathy Wilbanks, Vice President of Operations at Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.! The picture I’ve posted here is the cover of “The All-Story,” from October, 1912 featuring “Tarzan of the Apes” by Edgar Rice Burroughs. (Painting by Clinton Pettee.) This is the first time Tarzan appeared in print. Can you imagine—111 years ago! Did you know that Edgar Rice Burroughs was the first author to incorporate himself? What…

New Article: John Gunnison and the Home for Adventure

My newest PulpFest Profile is live today. This time, I’ve interviewed John Gunnison of Adventure House. Adventure House is my first shopping stop at every pulp convention. There’s always something wonderful to see, and even books that I can afford to purchase! His reprints are of special interest to me, I keep a bunch on hand for research purposes. I’m excited to find out more about Adventure House and I’ll bet you are, too! Read the article here.

New Article — “Brother Can You Spare a Dime?”

Brother Can you Spare a Dime meme

I’ve subtitled this article “How The Great Depression Influenced the Pulps” because I believe that when society is truly down there are still bright sparks who transcend what’s happening around them and create anyway. There seems a parallel in today’s society. Those who can still create after two and a half Covid years, a war, and (in the U.S.) madly rising costs of food and fuel, as well as other shortages…well, then you’re doing okay. I had the idea for this article quite a few months ago, noting that the…

New Article — “Cleve Cartmill, The Devil’s in the Details”

Cartmill article meme

Have you ever heard of pulp writer, Cleve Cartmill (1908 – 1964)? If you have it’s probably because of his 1944 story, “Deadline” published in ASTOUNDING. That’s the one that had the FBI knocking on John W. Campbell’s office door. For real! Anyway, Cartmill also wrote pulp fantasy and I picked out three of those to review over at Black Gate. The article includes a brand new illustration by yours truly! Why did I do it? Honestly, the original art for one of the stories was quite hum drum and…