Podcast #21: Doctor Fogg

Dr Fogg meme

in this week’s ROCKETEER podcast I’m reviewing, “Doctor Fogg” by Norman Matson. It’s an interesting example of very early science fiction. It’s also considered a satire. But is it? I doubt you’ll read too many reviews of this book as it’s pretty rare. So join me over on Substack to hear about an interesting piece of science fiction history from 1929.

Podcast #6: Super Scientist Heroes

Super-Science Heroes meme

Happy 2024! The Rocketeer’s podcast #6–“Super-Science Heroes”–is out today! I’m in some sort of shock that I have continued on with the podcasts. I really had just intended to do one or two of them but then, BAM! suddenly, it’s a weekly thing. Very strange but as long as people like it, I’ll continue. I like to do them anyway. In today’s podcast I’m returning to the topic of archetypes in story. Archetypes create an immediate sense of familiarity. One of my favorite archetypes is the Super-Scientist. But our familiar…

Podcasting is happening!

Rocketeer podcast #2 meme

The Rocketeer Podcast #2 is now live. Honestly, I don’t know how I am as a podcaster but I’m giving it a try. Certainly it’s easier to write articles (at least for me.) That said, I like speaking on the radio and have done so many times. My mother was a radio personality and I’ve been in and out of radio stations since I was 4. I know I have a good voice for radio like my Mom did, so I’ve set myself a goal of continuing the podcasts through…

The Rocketeer Podcast #1

Rocketeer Podcast #1 meme

It had to happen eventually. Folks have been asking me to do a podcast for ages and this week I finally acquiesced. I actually like doing radio and have been interviewed on the airwaves at least half a dozen times in the past. So this was a bit strange but fun all the same. I hope it goes over well! I’m planning a few more of these podcasts as the year closes out and if the feedback is good, I’ll continue. But, for today, please join me for the Rocketeer Podcast…

“The Jovian Jest” by Lilith Lorraine

The Jovian Jest_Lorraine

Last night, I stumbled upon a podcast highlighting readings of pulp science fiction stories by female authors. Curious, I listened to the first one and was horrified by the poor quality of the reading. I knew the story and although it isn’t my favorite of the author’s works, it certainly deserved better treatment than that. I thought I could perhaps do a bit better and took out my microphone. I made a few stumbles along the way but I think my reading is really okay. This morning I added an…