Fall 2018

ANCHOR – A lushly illustrated time travel story with a classic pulp cover. Written and illustrated in the manner of Weird Tales from the 1930’s. Coming in the Fall of 2018.



Art by Sara Light-Waller, copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Winter 2017-18

Landscspe of Darkness book cover

LANDSCAPE OF DARKNESS – 100 pages of pure pulp space opera. Written and illustrated in the manner of the old Thrilling Wonder Tales from the 1940’s. Except for the cover, which brings pulp art into the 21st century. Read sample chapters here.

(Unfortunately, there is no electronic version available at this time. The limitations of electronic readers disallow for the book art and decorations to be shown correctly in an electronic edition. Due to the publisher’s high standards, our illustrated pulp books will only be available in physical editions until a suitable solution is found. Our humblest apologies.)

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