Incorruptible — what is the Threshold War and why will it change the course of mankind’s future? 200 years before Landscape of Darkness the fate of mankind was decided by the actions of one woman. 

Incorruptible cover

Fall/Winter 2018

Anchor: A Strange Tale of Time: Science fiction meets horror in this illustrated story that recalls Weird Tales of the 1930’s & 40’s.

Winter 2017-2018

Landscape of Darkness — 100 pages of pure pulp space opera. Written and illustrated in the manner of the old Thrilling Wonder Tales  from the 1940’s. Except for the cover, which brings pulp art into the 21st century.

LOD book cover

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Lucina Press celebrates Hugo Gernback’s original vision for pulp science fiction — grand adventures that mix science fact and prophetic vision. We celebrate the greatness of mankind and write stories that make imaginations soar. Our books are short so that they can be easily read in an afternoon, an evening, or on the bus during rush hour.

This combination eBook collects two Lucina Press illustrated pulp stories — Landscape of Darkness and Anchor: A Strange Tale of Time.

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