ONLY IN DREAMS IS LUCY TRULY AWAKE! One moment, Lucy Dean slept peacefully in a Seattle hotel. The next, she stood paralyzed beside a silver portal in a far-distant future. Unbelievably, she recognized the place…from her dreams!

A strange and menacing figure approaches. He explains that the only way for Lucy to regain her true memories is to go through the Time Portal. She cannot resist, or even speak, as her body vanishes, layer by layer.

As death looms, Lucy must face an unbelievable fact — that her previous life has been a lie and the truth lies in her dreams — which may not be dreams at all…

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Don’t Miss Out On A Thrilling Read! Filled with stunning artwork and immersive language, Sara Light-Waller’s Anchor transports the reader into a world as vivid and tangible as the one Lucy Dean discovers to be her Truth. In the fast-paced and thrilling style of the classic pulp stories of the ’30s and ’40s, Sara gives the reader a simultaneously frustrating and exhilarating experience of a serialized story. In today’s “binge” culture, it is extraordinary to wait in anticipation to see how a narrative unfolds for characters so quickly beloved. True that it is a short read; it nevertheless satiates the spiritual craving many have to explore the limitless and highly magical spectrum of the Soul’s potential. Science-Fiction may be a lot less fictitious than we’ve been led to believe, and exploring the nature of time in Anchor is an example of the possibilities.   — E. Sloan

New/Old Genre Reimagined. A short book but full of hand-drawn or -painted illustrations in the style of the 30s and 40s. For that alone, Anchor stands out from the rest. Light-Waller is a talent who deserves recognition for her art. However, she also is an eminently readable writer who crafts stories that linger in the mind. The reader will find his/her thoughts returning to Anchor and its time-twisting ideas long after the initial read. Light-Waller pokes at what we “know”, then reaches through the hole she’s created and draws the reader with her into a new universe of the brisk pace of the old pulp stories but with a 21st century neo-pulp style. All hail the Queen of Neo-Pulp! I look forward to her next book. —  P.J. Bishop


Book Sample

LUCY DEAN, junior copywriter, clacked away at the typewriter in insolence of her deadline, less than fifteen minutes away. Suddenly, the clattering of keys slowed, then stopped. She frowned at the paper tetchily, then checked the steno pad beside her. Tutting her tongue, Lucy applied an eraser to the paper, blowing the crumbs away afterwards. She contemplated the page with narrowed eyes, nodded slightly, then resumed typing.

She did not notice that the second hand on the wall clock stopped when she did. Or that it clicked back two minutes when she paused to make corrections.

Or even that it moved forward again when her typing resumed.

Lucy withdrew the final page and added it a small tidy pile. She stood, smoothed her skirt, then picked up her note pad and a pen.

Paul Edmonds, the company’s other junior copywriter, zoomed past her desk….

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