My books & articles

Lucina Press novels, short fiction, non-fiction


Beyond 1984: The Works of Bryce Walton, Lucina Press. Centralia, WA. (Date: TBA, non-fiction)

Incorruptible,  Lucina Press. Centralia, WA. (Date: TBA, New Pulp, story and art)


“Battle at Neptune.”  Winner of the 2020 Cosmos Prize, First Fandom Experience, Boston, MA. (Retro, space opera, story and art)


Anchor: A Strange Tale of Time, Lucina Press. Centralia, WA. (New Pulp, story and art)


Landscape of Darkness, Lucina Press. Centralia, WA. (New Pulp, story and art)

Print Magazine Articles


Visions of Mars: The Pulp Years.” The Pulpster, September 2020: No. 29.


Super Space Heroes of Intergalactic Adventure.” The Pulpster, August 15 2019: No. 28.

Online Magazine & Blog Articles


A Hero Named Mayhem,” BLACK GATE, August 12, 2021,

“Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen: Piper’s Connecticut Yankee Tale,” BLACK GATE, June 20, 2021,

PulpFest Historical — 125 Years of Murray Leinster,” PULPFEST, June 16, 2021,

“PulpFest Profile — Seven Sense of John Wooley,” PULPFEST, May 14, 2021,

Into the Quantum With H. Beam Piper,BLACK GATE, April 23, 2021,


Super-Science Kids: First Fandom Experience, part 2,” LUCINA PRESS blog, Nov 15, 2020,

PulpFest Historical — Harry Bates, Pittsburgh’s Own,” PULPFEST, Oct 6, 2020,

“PulpFest Profile — David & Daniel Ritter & First Fandom Experience,” PULPFEST, September 14, 2020,

“Bradbury in Oz,” PULPFEST, Jun 15, 2020,

“Visions of Mars: The Pulp Years,” PULPFEST, May 13, 2020,

“Pulpfest Profile—Eighty Years of CAPTAIN FUTURE and Friends,” PULPFEST, January 6, 2020,


An ‘Astounding’ 90 Years,” PULPFEST, December 2, 2019,

Heroines of Science Fiction and Fantasy,” PULPFEST, July 8, 2019,

Wonder in the Air,” PULPFEST, June 12, 2019,

A Story of WONDER,” PULPFEST, May 3, 2019,

Parallel Realities: An Easy Way To Fry Your Brain,” LUCINA PRESS blog, January 1, 2019,


It’s A Zwilnik World: How E. E. Doc Smith’s Lensmen Series Imagined a Neotopian Universe,” LUCINA PRESS blog, June 16, 2018,

“Fontastic Lettering Changes from 1920 to Today,” LUCINA PRESS blog, June 16, 2018,

Virgil Finlay and Me,” LUCINA PRESS blog, May 21, 2018,

“Venus in the Pulps,” LUCINA PRESS blog, May 14, 2018,

“A Distinctly Alien Sky,” LUCINA PRESS blog, May 14, 2018,