New article — “A Hero Named Mayhem”

Johnny Mayhem meme

My newest article, “A Hero Named Mayhem,” has just gone live over at the online magazine, Black Gate. It’s a fun one, reviewing a long-forgotten science fiction series published in AMAZING STORIES back in the 1950’s. The eleven “Johnny Mayhem” stories were extremely popular with readers, had many die-hard fans, and remain fun to read today! Here’s how my article begins: “Johnny Mayhem, man of a thousand faces, leaping from body to body, putting right things that had once went…no wait! That’s the television show, Quantum Leap, which ran from…

Happy Birthday to Murray Leinster (and a new article)

Today is Murray Leinster’s birthday. He is, without a doubt, one of my very favorite science fiction writers. Leinster started publishing before 1920 and was was still publishing sci-fi teleplays and novels into the late 1960’s for TV shows such as “Time Tunnel.” (And since he pioneered (YES, pioneered!) the entire subgenre of multiple reality sci-fi stories, working on “Time Tunnel” is entirely appropriate.) My new article — “PulpFest Historical- 125 Years of Murray Leinster” is live now at the PulpFest blog so head over there and check it out!…

New article! PulpFest Profile: Seven Senses of John Wooley

Wooley interview notice

Your pulp authorette is at it again! In this month’s PulpFest Profile I interview John Wooley, co-author of THE CLEANSING trilogy. John’s written, co-written, or edited nearly fifty books, contributed articles to TULSA WORLD, TV GUIDE, and FANGORIA magazine and co-hosts the FORGOTTEN HORRORS podcast. If you like New Pulp, you really need to know about John Wooley. Read my “PulpFest Profile: Seven Senses of John Wooley,” at

Super-Science Kids: First Fandom Experience, part 2

Super Science Kids Header

Enter First Fandom Experience At PulpFest 2019, I discovered an extraordinary project called, First Fandom Experience. Father and son, David and Daniel Ritter, are dedicated pulp fans and collectors with a special interest in the early days of science fiction fandom. They, along with core team members—John L. Coker III, Sam McDonald, Doug Ellis and Kate Baxter—have created a database of materials which they make available through their website, books, and on social media. Part 1 of this interview, published on the PulpFest blog in September, was a general introduction…

New article in print!

The Pulpster #29 cover

I have an article in THE PULPSTER #29, out this week! THE PULPSTER is the annual magazine for PulpFest and, although the 2020 convention was canceled, the committee decided to publish the magazine anyway. It’s not a regular edition, oh no! While not as thick as a Ziff-Davis AMAZING STORIES QUARTERLY, THE PULPSTER #29 is almost twice as large as the 2019 edition. Weighing in at 84 pages, plus covers, it’s more like a “PULPSTER ANNUAL.” The issue celebrates the dual centennials of Ray Bradbury’s birth and the debut of BLACK…

PulpFest Profile — Visions of Mars: The Pulp Years

Thrilling Wonder Stories cover June 1949

August 22, 2020 is Ray Bradbury’s 100th birthday. PulpFest is celebrating Bradbury as part of their 2020 theme of “Bradbury, BLACK MASK, and Brundage.” The August 6-9 convention is still planned for its physical location in Pittsburgh, PA. I will be giving a presentation at PulpFest 2020 about how pulp authors like Bradbury envisioned the red planet. I briefly outline this material in my new article,  Visions of Mars: The Pulp Years which is live on the PulpFest site today. Here’s a clip: THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES The first story to…