Cleve Cartmill: The Devil’s In The Details

Orban for "Bit of Tapestry"

In this week’s podcast I begin by talking about pulp fantasy and how it differs from contemporary sci-fi/fantasy. After that, I review three pulp fantasy stories by Cleve Cartmill from the 1940’s: “Bit of Tapestry,” “Wheesht!” and “Hell Hath Fury”—all of which appeared in the pulp magazine, UNKNOWN. Cartmill was publishing science fiction and fantasy during the 1940’s and ’50’s mainly. Today, he seems to be something of a lost writer, which seems a pity as his stories were quite compelling. Looking at his bibliography I can see that he…

Podcast #21: Doctor Fogg

Dr Fogg meme

in this week’s ROCKETEER podcast I’m reviewing, “Doctor Fogg” by Norman Matson. It’s an interesting example of very early science fiction. It’s also considered a satire. But is it? I doubt you’ll read too many reviews of this book as it’s pretty rare. So join me over on Substack to hear about an interesting piece of science fiction history from 1929.

The Rocketeer Podcast #1

Rocketeer Podcast #1 meme

It had to happen eventually. Folks have been asking me to do a podcast for ages and this week I finally acquiesced. I actually like doing radio and have been interviewed on the airwaves at least half a dozen times in the past. So this was a bit strange but fun all the same. I hope it goes over well! I’m planning a few more of these podcasts as the year closes out and if the feedback is good, I’ll continue. But, for today, please join me for the Rocketeer Podcast…

Beware of Fake News: “The Silly Season”

Silly Season meme

Continuing the alien theme (which is getting more timely by the moment it seems), this week’s ROCKETEER features one of Cyril Kornbluth’s little numbers, “The Silly Season” (1950). The story is a retelling of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” fable, but with aliens! Check it out on Substack:

Two new articles, a story in progress, and a drawing for practice

Rocketeer alien series meme

There seems to be a lot going on at the moment. For the next few weeks the ROCKETEER is going to highlight aliens in honor of the Chehalis Flying Saucer Party—a local event celebrating everything UFO. (It’s like McMenamins UFO Festival only smaller.) I’ll be discussing pulp-era and slightly later stories with the themes of invasion, alien manipulation, control, and humanity fighting back in stories ranging from the absurd to the deadly. The first in that series came out this week: “Tactical Error: This Star Shall Be Free.”  The story…

Roy V. Hunt: A Retrospective, a review

Roy Hunt: A Retrospective book review

I don’t often review books, mainly because I’m either too soft a touch or, if the book is too bad, I don’t want to talk about it. But here is a case of something well worth a review, not just because the book it’s good, but because it’s historically important. Roy V. Hunt: A Retrospective is a treat, both for pulp fanatics and for artists. You can read my review here. 

Book Review: Roy V. Hunt: A Retrospective

Ray Hunt book cover

Roy V. Hunt: A Retrospective, First Fandom Experience. (Price: $45 including shipping, 144 pages, full color) February 2021.   First Fandom Experience has just released a new book called, Roy V. Hunt: A Retrospective. This full-color volume introduces us to the life and works of pulp-illustrator Roy Hunt. You’ve probably have never heard of him. I hadn’t. As I flipped through the pages, I realized that he was more than a just a historical footnote. Hunt was something special in a sea of entirely interesting things. And he had been all…