No Rocketeer this week

Chickie cover 1925

A few days ago I started on a new avenue of research and, like the springy snake that pops out of the can, I was unprepared for what I was getting into. I started by looking into an interesting (and rather tricky) topic: very early romance novels intersecting the beginning of the pulp era. I wanted to get the feel for some longer pulp-era love stories for my own writing purposes. I do have a number of “Love Pulps” (magazines) but it is nearly impossible to read their long series…

Podcast #10: Love Pulps for Valentine’s Day

Love Story meme

What else would I talk about today? tee hee We’ll get back to smart-mouthed ace detectives and handsome space jockeys later on but for today the ROCKETEER is all about love! I’m not sure I’ve ever written about the love pulps before but today seemed a PERFECT day for it. (And I’ve even added some music!) Happy Valentine’s Day, dahlings! You can listen to the ROCKETEER podcast here.