Podcast #20: Christmas in May

Christmas in May meme

In this week’s podcast I’m talking about all the wonderful magazines I recently ordered from the Library of Congress through interlibrary loan. Honestly, interlibrary loan is a fantastic resource. And getting things from the Library of Congress is particularly fun. I mean, they’re supposed to have EVERYTHING! I know that they don’t, actually, but they do have incredible collections. This time, I was after complete serials from Love Story Magazine from the late 1930’s and several single stories from The Blue Book Magazine in a range from 1930-1947. It took…

Podcast # 18: A Room Too Small: The Great Illusion

This week’s Rocketeer podcast is about a story called, “The Great Illusion” which came out in 1938. Don’t be fooled y’all. This is not the story called, “The Great Illusion” (in part by Edmond Hamilton) which came out in 1936. No, no! In the podcast I explain what that is all about. And here’s a bit I left out for the sake of space. Did you know that Edmond Hamilton is one of the two fathers of Space Opera? Yep. Hamilton and E. E. Doc Smith are the two wonderful…

Podcast #16: Superman and the Library of Congress

Superman meme

This week’s Rocketeer podcast is about two things that don’t really go together and I’m going to treat it as two distinct parts. Part One is what I’d planned to talk about last week, the original origin of Superman. Part Two is about Jazz Age romance novels, something I’m researching at the moment. You can listen to it here. As an addendum I’d like to add an odd little post script. One of the romance novelists I mentioned in my podcast–“Vivian Grey”–was also the pseudonym of 19th century British statesman…

Pete Beard’s Video Channel

Pete Beard video header

In this week’s ROCKETEER I’m talking about a great find on YouTube–Pete Beard’s Video Channel. If you’re a fan of good illustration, you’ll love this channel. It’s full of well researched videos about illustrators from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including the pulp era! You can read (and listen to) it here.

Podcast #14: Devolution

Devolution meme

In this week’s podcast I’m talking about the idea that humans were once greater or perhaps stranger beings than we are today and have since devolved. I present three pulp-era stories on this topic: Devolution by Edmond Hamilton first appeared in Amazing Stories, in the December, 1936 issue. False Dawn by Henry Kuttner first appeared in Thrilling Wonder Stories in the June 1942 issue. The Code by Catherine Lucille Moore (as by Lawrence O’Donnell) first appeared in Astounding Science Fiction in the July 1945 issue. Join me for the podcast…

A new painting and this week’s Rocketeer

Hollywood Glamour meme

I’ve been working on my oil pastels again, continuing my study of Hollywood glamour portraits from the 1920’s and 1930’s. These are the sorts of illustrations you’d see on the covers of the A-list fan magazines such as Photoplay. In this week’s ROCKETEER I’m showing off my newest pastel painting and talking about why Hollywood glamour portraits can make a useful study. Read it here.

Podcast #13: “Secrets, Inc.”

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This week’s podcast features Frederick C. Davis’ 1930’s detective series, Secrets, Inc.. This was Davis’ first series for Dime Detective. It ran from 1933 to 1935. The nine stories feature a Hollywood detective named, Clay “Oke” Oakley and take place in and around Hollywood, CA. The plots features some excellent “weird menace” type plots that will keep you on the edge of your seats! Join me on Substack for this week’s ROCKETEER!