Podcast #11: The Outlawed Centaur

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Okay, so this will require a bit of an introduction. It’s a bit like the dog that chased the cat, that ate the rat, that ate the other thing, etc. I discovered British author, Bertram Atkey, while researching some of Nelson S. Bond’s harder to find stories in Blue Book Magazine (from the 1940’s.) Like Bond, Atkey was a good humorist and a story by one of the two was included in each issue during the war years. This was to make sure that the issues didn’t get too heavy.…

Podcast #10: Love Pulps for Valentine’s Day

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What else would I talk about today? tee hee We’ll get back to smart-mouthed ace detectives and handsome space jockeys later on but for today the ROCKETEER is all about love! I’m not sure I’ve ever written about the love pulps before but today seemed a PERFECT day for it. (And I’ve even added some music!) Happy Valentine’s Day, dahlings! You can listen to the ROCKETEER podcast here.

In the Rocketeer: Soldiers and Sports Stars

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This week in the Rocketeer I’m looking at eight specialty wartime pulp covers. They were published in a range from 1943-1946 by Ned Pines, publisher of the “Thrilling Group” of pulp magazines. As a group, they can be taken as wartime propaganda but they are so beautifully rendered and visually interesting that it almost doesn’t matter. Join me for Soldiers and Sports Stars: Wartime Propaganda in the Rocketeer over on Substack.

Podcast #9: The Story of Fantasy Fiction And How It Used To Be Everything

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Once upon a time, and for a very long time, Fantasy Fiction was an amazingly broad category. What changed and when is the topic of this week’s ROCKETEER. You can listen here. As a post script to this podcast, I think we should broaden out the category again, if for no other reason than to encourage creative thought. It would also be fun to combine some of the elements they used to call “Fantasy” back in the the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It might create some strange combinations…

Podcast #8: Science Fiction As Delight

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Sheesh, am I late making this post! Why the next ROCKETEER podcast will be out tomorrow! I have been writing up a storm over the last few days, working on a new story which had not been going well until just about one week ago. Now I have the metaphoric tiger by the tail and I’m eagerly writing every free moment I have. I talk about that process briefly in Podcast #8: Science Fiction as Delight, which is an exploration of the elements that make sci-fi engaging, memorable, and dare…

Podcast #7: Coney Island Con Men and Affable Hucksters

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It is often said that laughter is the best medicine. After the last few years our laugh meters are woefully low. In this week’s podcast I introduce you to two funny series characters from the pulp era—Pete Manx and Squaredeal Sam McGhee. Pete Manx was written by two top-notch pulp writers—Henry Kuttner and Arthur K. Barnes. Squaredeal Sam McGhee was written by Nelson S. Bond, a prolific pulp writer. Both series are funny and it’s true humor instead of the smarter-than-thou or awkwardly self-effacing humor we often see today. Join…

Podcast #6: Super Scientist Heroes

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Happy 2024! The Rocketeer’s podcast #6–“Super-Science Heroes”–is out today! I’m in some sort of shock that I have continued on with the podcasts. I really had just intended to do one or two of them but then, BAM! suddenly, it’s a weekly thing. Very strange but as long as people like it, I’ll continue. I like to do them anyway. In today’s podcast I’m returning to the topic of archetypes in story. Archetypes create an immediate sense of familiarity. One of my favorite archetypes is the Super-Scientist. But our familiar…

Podcast #5: The Marching Morons

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Isn’t that some kind of title? Back in 1951 C. M. Kornbluth wrote a story called, “The Marching Morons” which is remarkably similar to the 2006 movie, “Idiocracy.” Although Kornbluth was a satirist, he spoke about dropping IQs to plummeting birth rates, something we are seeing today. Yikes!  In this final podcast for 2023, I take a look at that story, it’s placement in the history of science fiction, and it’s relevance to us today. Join me over on Substack for the weekly podcast of the ROCKETEER!

Podcast #4 : Hollywood on the Moon

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Today’s ROCKETEER is podcast #4! Can you believe it? I can’t. I guess I’ve become a radio person, which is not as strange as it might seem. My mother was a radio personality for most all my life, even if she didn’t always have a radio show. I like this podcast thing, I wasn’t sure I would. This week I’m talking about Luna, our moon. Some of it is general theory and some of it is about my favorite pulp stories involving the moon in some way. I hope you’ll…