Inking Round-up May 2023

Inking Roundup for May 2023

Art is all about practice, and I practice all the time! My father used to marvel at the fact that I didn’t need any impetus to do art, I just do it. This month I’ve focused on improving my line and brushwork with ink. In this week’s ROCKETEER I show you what I’ve been up to, including a short video, detailing my practice pieces for the month of May. You can read this week’s newsletter here.

The Road to Neotopia

Incorruptible print books

Many science fiction writers are interested in “future histories.” Perhaps it’s a desire to control future events. Or a wish to explore another sort of time travel. Possibly, it’s nothing more than a desire to control something during uncertain times. For me, it’s about Neotopia. I have written about this before. It is my belief that we can make a good future based on human-centered values rather than idealized, elite, or globalized agendas. It seems a common opinion that the world has fallen (or is falling) into dystopian times. Naturally,…

“The Jovian Jest” by Lilith Lorraine

The Jovian Jest_Lorraine

Last night, I stumbled upon a podcast highlighting readings of pulp science fiction stories by female authors. Curious, I listened to the first one and was horrified by the poor quality of the reading. I knew the story and although it isn’t my favorite of the author’s works, it certainly deserved better treatment than that. I thought I could perhaps do a bit better and took out my microphone. I made a few stumbles along the way but I think my reading is really okay. This morning I added an…